Alpha Insights

Your In-House Data Science Team

Tailored to Your Growth

Alpha Insights provides the unbiased feedback investment managers need to drive continuous improvement. A detailed analysis of investment process measures like freshness and forecast accuracy, as well as portfolio analytics such as position sizing and returns compared to optimal, drives data-driven process improvements.

  • Improve performance with deep portfolio and investment-process analytics
  • Refine the investment process with robust comparative analysis
  • Track and glean insights from historic point-in-time data

Your Analytics Partner

Alpha Insights goes beyond analytics to offer investment managers the expertise, support, and customized solutions to gain a competitive edge in an ever-changing environment. Investment managers can leverage Alpha Theory’s data science experts for personalized analysis and problem solving.

  • Utilize an in-house data science team dedicated to in-depth and tailored analytics
  • Leverage expert advice and suggestions based on the firm’s data
  • Flexible platform to meet unique needs with custom-built features

Original Research for You

Alpha Insights utilizes the Alpha Theory All-Manager dataset to deliver original research pertinent to investment management. Industry myth-busting, thought leadership, resources, and timely insights are designed to help investment managers improve their processes and capture more alpha.

  • Learn from thought leadership backed by original research
  • Read and watch exclusive content to utilize the platform to its fullest
  • Gain access to exclusive book clubs, portfolio manager roundtables, and more events
"The Alpha Theory network has taught me a great deal about portfolio and investment process optimization. The Client Experience and Analytics teams are genuine experts in investment process improvement and helped us implement workflows that solved our former pain points.

— Long-Only Hedge Fund Portfolio Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of insights can I expect?

Our data science team provides clients with detailed historical analyses across a broad range of topics, including:

  • Ticker-level performance attribution
  • Forecast accuracy
  • Actual versus optimal sizing analysis
  • Ticker correlation matrices
  • Actual versus optimal performance  

Our data science experts provide insights that are part of the feedback loop that helps you refine your investment process to create better outcomes. Our team is dedicated to delivering analysis that helps managers improve and generate more alpha.

Do you provide analysis of actual position data?

Absolutely. Our Data Science team can perform a multitude of analyses on live position data, separate from the optimal position-sizing framework. You can work directly with the data science team to collaborate on custom reporting and analytics that suit your specific needs.