Data for Informed Decisions

Alpha Theory has chosen to collaborate with one of the world's largest and most respected providers of high-quality financial and corporate data, FactSet, to offer fundamental managers data directly in the Alpha Theory platform to help them make well-informed investment decisions.
We leverage FactSet’s Fundamentals & Consensus Data and their Quant Factor Library to help fund managers stay connected to every stage of their workflows. Investment teams can track global market movements, access consensus data, and review exposure and attribution reporting within their Alpha Theory platform.

Fundamentals and Estimates Data for Improved Decision Making

Alpha Theory allows fund managers to build a unique portfolio-construction model with their data, reducing the impact of emotion and eliminating guesswork to make position-size decisions a repeatable, disciplined process. Over the past decade, Alpha Theory clients have outperformed other funds 70% of the time.

Additional Benefits
  • Gain insight into your investments by performing deep analysis on a single company
  • Perform comparative analysis across multiple companies, industries and countries
  • Simplify workflows by utilizing Alpha Theory’s price target integration with FactSet Estimates & Multiples
  • Dynamically create price targets based on which valuation method is chosen

Factor Risk Model to Remove the Emotion from Investing

With how quickly the global equity markets shift, fund managers need to be able to gain industry-level insight by utilizing factors to inform their portfolio construction process. The Alpha Theory and FactSet Data Science teams built a five-factor risk model leveraging FactSet’s Quant Factor Library to provide investment teams with daily exposure and performance attribution for greater visibility. Users can access raw values, normalized exposures, and composite scores for the following five factors: Value, Growth, Momentum, Volatility, and Beta.

Additional Benefits
  • Enhance risk management through factor-level visibility
  • Improve portfolio construction and optimize position sizing
  • Inform decision-making by understanding the primary risk factors
  • Diversify factor-based investing for better performance
  • Bespoke solutions available from FactSet to meet additional use cases