Alpha View

Reporting and Alerts to Keep Your Team in Sync

Alerts Your Way

Alpha View provides direct visibility into the portfolio and is customized to investment managers' individual needs. Users can set up alerts for stale research, new research, significant position size discrepancies, exited positions worth reevaluating, and more.

  • Get alerts related to portfolio inefficiencies
  • React swiftly to changing conditions to maximize probability-weighted return
  • Eliminate time-intensive manual monitoring

Data You Need to Stay Informed

Alpha View delivers data you need to make more informed decisions.

  • Exposure reporting against your custom sector, risk, analyst, etc. groupings
  • Reports by analyst for focused conversations
  • Reduce the noise and focus on the information most important to your firm

Keep Your Team in Sync

Alpha View keeps geographically-dispersed teams in sync with daily reports delivered straight to their inbox. Users stay in the know with a daily recap of changes in positions and sector movement.

  • Stay up to date on position changes and sector movement with daily recap
  • Synchronize teams working across locations with custom alerts
  • Easily share portfolio reports with team members, management, and clients
"Alpha Theory is a real-time facilitator of intelligent, objective decision-making amid rapidly changing market conditions.  Most importantly, it couples our own inputs with real-time data to allow us to capture incremental returns that would otherwise be foregone. I am confident that Alpha Theory has enhanced our portfolios' returns.

— Hedge Fund CFO 

Frequently Asked Questions

What reporting capabilities does Alpha View offer?

Alpha View offers fully customizable reporting and alerting that can provide timely and actionable portfolio insights, including intraday.

How do current clients use Alpha View?

Alpha View provides reporting that can be useful for investment team standing meetings, meetings with clients or prospects, and reports that can be sent to order management or execution management systems.