Privacy Policy

We've got your back. We promise.

Our clients entrust us with the lifeblood of their business - their ideas, portfolio holdings and investment theses. Protecting that information is the most important thing we do. We've created a privacy policy so you have full transparency about how the information you provide to us is used. You can read the full Privacy Policy here. However, if you'd rather skip to the highlights, here they are:

We never share your identity with anyone unless you give permission first. Selling your identity or contact information to anyone simply will never happen. Ever.

We treat your specific portfolio and research information as if we are handling nuclear launch codes. Internally, we follow a strict "need-to-know" policy and safeguards and firewalls are everywhere.

We conduct analysis on the aggregated client information you provide to us so that we can improve our product and your experience/value. If this analysis leads to insights that are worth sharing with you, we'll get your permission before you are included in any aggregated and analyzed data to be shared and exclude you if that's what you want.

If you have any questions about our commitment to you and your privacy, contact us. We'd be happy to answer your questions.