Alpha Theory Security

State of the Art Security Infrastructure

Security is of paramount importance in every technical decision that Alpha Theory makes. To provide a scalable global application, we have used a foundation of world-class security techniques and partnered with leading security vendors to ensure the highest level of protection for data entrusted to us. We are continually evaluating new technologies to make sure we remain at the forefront of cloud security.

Security Specifics

Alpha Theory's security engineers use a top down approach that starts with physical security at the data center and goes all the way through the kernel of the application. Alpha Theory's goal is to constantly improve and test each point in the chain to make sure that we provide the ultimate security protection for our customers.

Data Center Security

We start by managing our equipment in a co-location facility that has biometric security access features including biometric recognition technology, a 24 hour on-site security presence, fire and electrical suppression systems, backup generators, redundant HVAC, and multiple caged equipment protection with man-trap protection.


In addition to the reliability features that are included in our data center security, we have multiple Tier-1 feeds which provide access to the data exchanges and the Internet. We maintain a completely replicated environment off-site in the event of an issue with our primary datacenter.

Backup and Recovery

Alpha Theory uses encrypted on site storage backup and, each night, encrypts and securely transfers our critical data offsite to a geographically diverse datacenter with high speed connectivity to our primary datacenter.

External Defense

Alpha Theory uses fire walling at multiple layers as well as network and host-based intrusion detection and prevention systems to protect the application from potential threats. In addition, we utilize continuous vulnerability scanning technologies (SANS Top 20 and OWASP Top 10) and perform annual penetration tests against our application and network infrastructure.

Data Protection

We protect data stored in our databases with industry-leading encryption and strongly recommend any data exchanged with us be transmitted over secure channels using public/private key encryption. All customer data is encrypted both in transit and at rest, unless a customer specifically opts out of these protections.

Transit Security

All communication is protected with an Extended Validation SSL (EV SSL) Certificate utilizing AES 256-bit Encryption. Look for the green address bar and the locked icon to ensure that communication with Alpha Theory is completely encrypted.

User Verification

Alpha Theory uses a single username and password for each session. The credentials are encrypted before transmission and verification. We require that users create strong passwords and force logouts on inactive client sessions. We offer and encourage the use of IP address restricted logins and two factor authentication (2FA) which utilize one-time passwords for additional security.

Inter-Company Security

Alpha Theory takes precautions to partition application data so that data from one customer cannot be accessed by users from another customer.

Intra-Company Security

Alpha Theory provides a methodology that ensures that only the people inside your company that you select are able to alter your company data. This methodology is extremely customizable so that specific funds and assets can be administered by as many or as few users as the manager prefers.

Internal Security

Only a limited number of employees at Alpha Theory have access to database information, reducing the number of points of access. Employee access to all servers and environments is reviewed and monitored on a regular basis.

Internal Auditing

Alpha Theory employees with access to client data sign a trading conduct agreement that requires them to trade only mutual fund or ETFs and individual securities with prior written approval. Alpha Theory can request all employee security holdings and trading activity.