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Alpha Theory and Omega Point Partner to Provide Enhanced Risk Data To Fundamental Managers

Alpha Theory has announced a partnership with Omega Point

Alpha Theory, a position sizing and optimization software provider, has announced a partnership with Omega Point, a provider of advanced risk analytics and portfolio optimization tools, to offer factor exposure data to fundamental investment managers.

The partnership enables fundamental investment managers to integrate comprehensive risk modeling across their entire investment process, including asset selection, portfolio optimization, position sizing, monitoring, reporting, and analysis, capturing more alpha.

"We are excited to partner with Omega Point to provide fundamental investment managers with a more complete view of their portfolio's risk factors," said Cameron Hight, CEO of Alpha Theory. "Our partnership will help investors better understand and manage their factor exposures, ultimately improving their investment performance."

The partnership between Alpha Theory and Omega Point is expected to benefit fundamental investment managers seeking to improve their portfolio performance by gaining a deeper understanding of their factor exposures and managing their risk exposure effectively.