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Alpha Theory Intern Spotlight

Alpha Theory's recent interns share their experiences.

Meet the Interns

Meet the aspiring finance professionals who spent their summer learning and shaping the future at Alpha Theory!  

Our most recent interns, Emma Gailunas and Danielle Kobrick, share their experiences, what they worked on during their time at Alpha Theory, and a bit about themselves.

Emma Gailunas: My name is Emma Gailunas, and I am a sophomore from Charlotte, NC. I am studying business and economics at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Danielle Kobrick: My name is Danielle, and I am currently a freshman at Harvard planning to study Economics, East Asian Studies, and Computer Science. Apart from academics, I enjoy playing my saxophone, watching sports, and designing video games.

What inspired you to pursue an internship at Alpha Theory?

Emma: I found Alpha Theory through one of my clubs at UNC and decided to apply because it seemed like a great opportunity. I was looking for an internship where I could learn more about the business world, the intersection of finance and technology, and get experience. My time at Alpha Theory provided me with that and more.

Danielle: What drew me to Alpha Theory is their logical approach to investing. It greatly resonated with me since I am a person who appreciates structure and reason.

What were some of the most memorable projects you worked on?

Emma: The most memorable project that I worked on was creating strategic account plans and checklist item lists. This was fun to work on because I was able to investigate the environments of different clients and see how they were using Alpha Theory in combination with different strategies to optimize their portfolios. It was also interesting to see what checklist items were most frequently used by clients.

Danielle: Many of my projects revolved around supporting the development of the Alpha Theory AI Chat Bot and automating tasks through code. These assignments include extracting and organizing help center documentation, feeding customer tickets to the bot, and retrieving client AUMs automatically.

What aspects of the company culture did you find most appealing or interesting?

Emma: I really enjoyed the collaborative atmosphere. Everyone was willing to help me with anything or explain different topics to me, and that helped me gain even more out of the experience.

Danielle: The staff at Alpha Theory were honestly some of the nicest people I've ever met. Everyone was not only so warm and welcoming but also introduced me to their line of work. I loved everything from quick chats in the morning to insightful discussions at lunch.

What advice would you give to future interns joining the company or entering the same field?

Emma: My advice to future interns would be to take advantage of every opportunity to learn, whether it be sitting in on meetings or working on assignments!

Danielle: My advice is to be willing to ask questions and do research. Other people in the company are a great resource, but sometimes figuring out the answer on your own can be more rewarding. Either way, be ready to learn!

Alpha Theory is one team that works together to help our clients Be Better. We love having interns who bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas. Their enthusiasm and willingness to learn help facilitate creativity and growth within our organization.  

To inquire about future internship opportunities and join our culture of fun-loving nerds, visit our website: https://www.alphatheory.com/careers