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Capital Allocators Podcast With Ted Seides: Moneyball For Managers

Ted Seides recently had Clare Flynn Levy from Essentia Analytics and Cameron Hight from Alpha Theory on his podcast to discuss how to enhance your investment results.

Learn how to enhance your investment results in this great podcast from Ted Seides and his guests, Clare Flynn Levy from Essentia Analytics and Cameron Hight from Alpha Theory.

This conversation covers the founding of these two respective businesses, the mistakes portfolio managers commonly make, the tools they employ to help managers improve, and the challenges they face in broader adoption of these modern tools. The good news is the clients of Essentia Analytics and Alpha Theory have demonstrated improvement in their results after employing these techniques. If you ask Clare and Cameron, you may develop a whole new appreciation about the potential for active management going forward.


By creating a disciplined, real-time process based on a decision algorithm with roots in actuarial science, physics, and poker, Alpha Theory takes the guessing out of position sizing and allows managers to focus on what they do best – picking stocks.

In this podcast, you will learn how Alpha Theory allows Portfolio Managers to convert their implicit assumptions into an explicit decision-making process.

To learn how this method could be applicable to your decision-making process: