A Better Platform for a Better Portfolio

Alpha Theory allows fund managers to build a unique portfolio-construction model with their data, reducing the impact of emotion and eliminating guesswork to make position-size decisions a repeatable, disciplined process. Over the past decade, Alpha Theory clients have outperformed other funds 70% of the time.

  • Gain a competitive edge with a system empirically shown to improve returns by 4%+ per year
  • Size positions to consistently maximize expected return
  • Reduce time spent managing the portfolio

Centralize Disparate Data Sets

Alpha Central brings together all your data including fundamental research, Excel models, estimates, pricing, prime broker and custodian data, and other internal and external data so investment teams stay informed and can make quick, research-driven decisions.

  • Gain access to valuable data in Excel-based models
  • Pull together research from across the organization
  • Automate comparison of estimates to consensus and measure forecast accuracy

Be Informed

Alpha View minimizes mistakes by creating custom reports and keeping teams informed with real-time alerts like when a position size is too large, when an analyst needs to update their targets, or when an idea is worth adding to the portfolio.

  • Configure alerts to your preferences
  • Share alerts and reports across the organization
  • Download and export reports in multiple file formats

Build a Better Engine

Alpha Engine improves your position-sizing process by translating your investment strategy into explicit rules that use your inputs to determine optimal position size, resulting in time savings and enhanced portfolio returns.

  • 10-year track record of improving performance by an average of 4% per year
  • Alpha Engine uses your data, rules, and other inputs by leveraging the platform’s API infrastructure
  • Continuously improve your Alpha Engine as data is analyzed over time

Data to Improve

Your research is your most valuable asset, and if you are not capturing it so it can be analyzed, you are not improving as fast as your competition. Alpha Insights captures historical forecast data, then measures key performance indicators to help optimize portfolios and increase alpha generation.

  • Analyze historical data to improve decision making
  • Discover areas of skill and places for refinement
  • Leverage a feedback tool to increase the speed of improvement

Partner with Experts

Alpha Theory clients gain access to an ecosystem of investment-process experts and data scientists that partner with fund managers to successfully implement the platform into their workflow to help them Be Better.

  • Augment your team with our expert data scientists and investment-process experts
  • Engage our data scientists for custom modeling and bespoke data analysis
  • Leverage our process experts to implement workflows into your process that will help you generate better performance

An Ecosystem for Improved Performance

Join a club of like-minded, process-oriented managers committed to continuously learning and improving, and tap into Alpha Theory’s events, including portfolio manager roundtables, book clubs, and more.

"From my experience working at several money management firms, I know that emotional trading is prevalent and very harmful to returns. Alpha Theory helps keep my emotions in check and offers a quantifiable edge versus the competition.

— Long/Short Hedge Fund Portfolio Manager/Founder