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Benn Dunn

8 Mistakes Money Managers Make

Cameron Hight, CEO of Alpha Theory, was interviewed on Fox Business News by Liz Claman. Cameron discussed "8 Mistakes Money Managers Make."

The 8 Mistakes Money Managers Make was an article I released almost five years ago. As much as I would love to report that its publication has cured all ills, the mistakes are still prevalent today. I believe its time for a second circulation of “the mistakes.

The process to fix the mistakes is easy. The human behavior change is hard. I hope that this article will both show some easy to implement processes and start conversations about how to change your own behavior and that of your firm.

We’re here to help. We have solutions and services designed to help managers who want to improve and outpace their competition stuck in a “pre-Moneyball” mindset.


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