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Better process leads to better outcomes

Alpha Theory is the leading portfolio management and decision process platform for global investment managers. It gives investment teams a framework to leverage their research and outside data streams to efficiently size positions and identify uncaptured alpha in real-time to drive performance. Alpha Theory clients work hand-in-hand with an experienced team of process-improvement experts and have access to specialized data scientists who provide data-driven insights to optimize performance.

Consolidated data is actionable data

Disparate data sources make investment decisions challenging. Fund managers can get more out of their data with Alpha Central—a hub for your research data, fundamental and consensus earnings data, pricing sources, broker and custody data, and other third-party data—offering investment teams transparency and insight to streamline decision-making and communication across the organization.

Recalibration is the foundation of maintaining an efficient portfolio

Research, both historical and current, is paramount to the success of a fundamental manager's strategy. Alpha View enables investment teams to access research, receive real-time updates, adjust position size rules, and research assumptions with real-time reporting and alerts.

Process-driven position sizing generates better returns

Fundamental managers know that a disciplined process leads to better outcomes, uncovering alpha-generating opportunities hidden in the portfolio. Alpha Engine generates probability-weighted optimal position sizes based on custom firm-level rules, price targets, conviction levels, and other inputs to build a portfolio with the highest potential return.


Data informs investment decisions

The best managers understand and mitigate weaknesses by being accountable to the data. Alpha Insights uses historical-forecasting data to emphasize their strengths and highlight areas for improvement.